David Ojeda

Charter Holder Board and State Charter School Board

Annette Ramirez

Vice Chairperson
Charter Holder Board and State Charter School Board 

Alfonso Solis
Alfonso Solis

Charter Holder Board and State Charter School Board

Joe Curry
Joe Curry

Charter Holder Board and State Charter School Board

Dr Jaime Lopez

Charter Holder Board and State Charter School Board

Jennifer McLelland - Principal Lubbock
Jennifer “Jenni” McLelland

Charter Holder Board and State Charter School Board

Rosalinda Alba

State Charter School Board

Francisco De Hoyos

State Charter School Board

Billie Russell
Billie Russell

State Charter School Board

Yolanda Gomez

State Charter School Board

School Board Policies

Module 1 – Governance

PG-1.1 District Foundations (2021-2022)
PG-1.2 Board Authority, Roles, And Responsibilities (2021-2022 )
PG-1.2A Governing Body
PG-1.2B Charter & Bylaws
PG-1.2C Charter Amendments
PG-1.2D Tax Exempt Status
PG-1.2E Maximum Terms for Officers
PG-1.2F Selection and Replacement
PG-1.2G Committees
PG-1.3 Board Policy And Administrative Procedures (2021-2022)
PG-1.3A Planning and Decision Making Process Amended June 27 2009
PG-1.3B Campus Planning and Decision Making Process
PG-1.4 Orientation And Training (2021-2022)
PG-1.5 Gift Acceptance (2021-2022)
PG-1.6 Ethics, Conflict Of Interest, And Nepotism (2021-2022)
PG-1.7 Public Information Requests (2021-2022 )
PG-1.8 Board Meetings (2021-2022)
PG-1.9 School Property (2021-2022)
PG-1.10 Public Complaints (2021-2022)
PG-1.11 Records Management (2021-2022 )(updated 01.25.2022)
PG-1.12 Record Retention Schedule (2021-2022)
PG-1.13 School Visitors (2021-2022)
PG-1.14 Board Members Technology Resources And Electronic Communications (2021-2022 New)(updated 01.25.2022)
PG-1.15 Accessibility – Technology Resources (2021-2022)
PG-1.16 Emergency Plans (2021-2022 )
PG-1.17 Crisis And Trauma Response (2021-2022)
PG-1.18 Disclosure Of Campaign Contributions (2021-2022)
PG-1.19 Possession And Use Of Weapons (2021-022 New)


Module 2 – Instruction

PG-2.1 Instructional Program Overview (2021-2022)
PG-2.2 General Educational Program (2021-2022)
PG-2.3 Academic Achievement (2021-2022) 
PG-2.4 Graduation (2021-2022)
PG-2.4A Graduation Requirements-Highest Ranking Graduate, Honor Students and Class Ranking
PG-2.5 End Of Course Assessments (2021-2022)
PG-2.7 Selection And Adoption Of Instructional Materials (2021-2022)
PG-2.8 Make Up Work (2021-2022) 
PG-2.9 Testing Programs (2021-2022)
PG-2.10 Career And Technology Education (2021-2022)
PG-2.11 Compensatory Instruction (2021-2022)
PG-2.12 Credit By Examination (2021-2022)
PG-2.13 Dual Credit (2021-2022)
PG-2.14 Gifted And Talented Program (2021-2022)
PG-2.15 Homebound Services (2021-2022
PG-2.16 State Virtual School Network (2021-2022)
PG-2.17 Contracts With Outside Agencies (2021-2022)
PG-2.18 State Assessments (2021-2022)
PG-2.19 Reading Assessments (2021-2022) 
PG-2.20 Accelerated Instruction – Unsatisfactory Performance On State Assessments (2021-2022) 
PG-2.21 State Assessment Of English Learners (2021-2022) 
PG-2.22 Special Education (2021-2022) 
PG-2.23 Identification, Evaluation, And Eligibility Of Special Education Students (2021-2022) 
PG-2.26 Transition Services (2021-2022) 
PG-2.27 Dyslexia And Related Disorders (2021-2022) 
PG-2.28 Bilingual Education And Esl (2021-2022) 
PG-2.29 Title I Services (2021-2022) 
PG-2.30 Parental Option for Student Retention (2021-2022)
PG-2.31 Library Materials

Module 3 – Students

PG-3.1 Equal Educational Opportunity (2021-2022)
PG-3.2 Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, And Retaliation (2021-2022)
PG-3.3 Prohibited Bullying (2021-2022)
PG-3.4 Admissions And Enrollment (2021-2022)
PG-3.5 Compulsory Attendance (2021-2022)
PG-3.6 Attendance Accounting (2021-2022)
PG-3.7 Attendance Enforcement (2021-2022)
PG-3.8 Attendance For Credit (2021-2022)
PG-3.9 Student Conduct Alcohol And Drug Use (2021-2022)
PG-3.10 Tobacco Use And Possession (2021-2022)
PG-3.11 Child Abuse And Neglect (2021-2022)
PG-3.12 Sexual Abuse, Sex Trafficking, And Other Maltreatment Of Children (2021-2022)
PG-3.13 Immunizations (2021-2022)
PG-3.14 Medical Treatment (2021-2022)
PG-3.15 Administering Medication (2021-2022)
PG-3.16 Communicable Diseases (2021-2022)
PG-3.17 Food Allergy Program (2021-2022)
PG-3.18 Health Screenings And Physical Examinations (2021-2022)
PG-3.19 Notice Regarding Steroid Use (2021-2022)
PG-3.20 Wellness Policy (2021-2022)
PG-3.21 School Safety Transfers (2021-2022)
PG-3.22 Prohibited Organizations And Hazing (2021-2022)
PG-3.23 Student Records (2021-2022)
PG-3.24 Electronic Student Records System (2021-2022)
PG-3.25 Student Dress Code (2021-2022)
PG-3.26 Care Of School Property (2021-2022)
PG-3.27 Student Conduct Personal Telecomunications Electronic Devices (2021-2022)
PG-3.28 Student Rights And Responsibilities (2021-2022)
PG-3.29 Married And Pregnant Students (2021-2022)
PG-3.30 Student And Parent Grievance Process (2021-2022)
PG-3.31 Student Fees (2021-2022)
PG-3.32 School Sponsored Publications (2021-2022)
PG-3.33 Distribution Of Non-school Literature (2021-2022)
PG-3.34 Student Activities (2021-2022)
PG-3.35 Student Insurance (2021-2022)
PG-3.36 Student Discipline (2021-2022)
PG-3.38 Interrogations And Searches (2021-2022)
PG-3.39 Suicide Prevention (2021-2022 New)
PG-3.40 Accommodations For Transgender Students (2021-2022 New)

Module 4 – Personnel

PG-4.1 Equal Employment Opportunity And Nondiscrimination (2021-2022)
PG-4.2 Nondiscrimination Policy (2021-2022)
PG-4.3 Whistleblower Protection (2021-2022)
PG-4.4 Employment Practices (2021-2022)
PG-4.5 Pre-employment Credentials And Employee Records (2021-2022)
PG-4.5A Employment Requirements and Restrictions, Credentials and Records
PG-4.5B Assignments and Schedules
PG-4.6 Criminal History And Credit Reports (2021-2022)
PG-4.7 Confidentiality Of Medical Information (2021-2022)
PG-4.8 Employee Health And Safety (2021-2022)
PG-4.9 Drug, Alcohol, And Tobacco-free Workplace (2021-2022)
PG-4.10 Psychotropic Drugs And Medical Evaluations (2021-2022)
PG-4.11 Reporting Employee Misconduct (2021-2022)
PG-4.12 Reporting Child Abuse And Neglect (2021-2022)
PG-4.13 Employee Searches (2021-2022)
PG-4.14 Wage And Hour Laws (2021-2022)
PG-4.15 Workers’ Compensation (2021-2022)
PG-4.16 Employee Attendance (2021-2022)
PG-4.17 Employee Dress And Grooming Standards (2021-2022)
PG-4.18 Social Media (2021-2022)
PG-4.19 Technology Resources (2021-2022)
PG-4.20 Building Use (20121-2022)
PG-4.21 Solicitation And Distribution (2021-2022)
PG-4.22 Intellectual Property (2021-2022)
PG-4.23 Consensual Romantic Relationship (2021-2022)
PG-4.24 Employee Complaints And Grievances (General) (2021-2022)
PG-4.24A Employee Complaints, Concerns, and Grievances
PG-4.25 Vacation And Sick Leave (2021-2022)
PG-4.25A Catastrophic Leave Policy
PG-4.26 Military Leave – Federal Law (2021-2022)
PG-4.27 Family And Medical Leave (2021-2022)
PG-4.28 Internet Safety (2021-2022)

Module 5 – Fiscal Policies

PG-5.001 Authority Over Fiscal Matters Template Updated 2022 
PG-5.002 Code Of Ethics And Fiscal Stewardship
PG-5.021 Authorization For The Obligation And Expenditure Of Funds Template Updated 2022 
PG-5.030 Allowable And Prohibited Uses Of Funds Template Updated 2022
PG-5.101 Fiscal Compliance Monitoring
PG-5.102 Financial Management System
PG-5.110 Accounts Payable Template Updated 2022 
PG-5.120 Grant Accounting Template Updated 2022 
PG-5.130 Travel Template Updated 2022 
PG-5.180 Activity Funds Template Updated 2022 
PG-5.190 Financial Reporting Template Updated 2022 
PG-5.210 Cash Management
PG-5.220 Corporate Credit Accounts Template Updated 2022 
PG-5.290 Fundraising Template Updated 2022 
PG-5.310 Capital Assets Template Updated 2022 
PG-5.320 Investment Of Funds Template Updated 2022
PG-5.410 Payroll Advances
PG-5.510 Purchasing And Contracting Template Updated 2022
PG-5.520 Criminal History Checks For Contracted Services
PG-5.530 Criminal History Checks For Public Works Contractors
PG-5.910 Internal Audits Template Updated 2022

Module 6 – Special Education

PG-6.1 Nondiscrimination (21-22)
PG-6.2 Administration (21-22)
PG-6.3 Admission Review And Dismissal Committee(2021-2022)
PG-6.4 Adult Student (21-22)
PG-6.6 Child Find Duty (21-22)
PG-6.7 Children Who Transfer (2021-2022) 
PG-6.8 Closing The Gap (2021-2022)
PG-6.9 Consent And Prior Written Notice (21-22 )
PG-6.10 Coordination Of Funds To Purchase Instructional Materials (21-22)
PG-6.11 Discipline Of Students With Disabilities (21-22)
PG-6.12 District And Campus Improvement Plans (21-22)
PG-6.13 Dyslexia (21-22)
PG-6.14 Eligibility Criteria (2021-2022) 
PG-6.15 Referral For Possible Special Education Services (21-22)
PG-6.16 Evaluation (21-22)
PG-6.17 Funding – Federal Funding Compliance (21-22)
PG-6.18 Funding – Noneducational Services (21-22)
PG-6.19 Funding – Shared Services Arrangements (21-22)
PG-6.20 Funding – State Allotments (21-22)State Funding
PG-6.21 General And Fiscal Guidelines(21-22)
PG-6.22 Graduation Plan (21-22)
PG-6.23 Parent (21-22)
PG-6.24 Private School Children (21-22)
PG-6.25 Procedural Safeguards And Requirements (21-22)
PG-6.26 Records (21-22)
PG-6.27 Records Retention And Destruction (21-22)
PG-6.28 Restraint And Timeout (21-22)
PG-6.29 Video Surveillance Procedures(21-22)

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